Castrol Filtration Device

The Castrol Filtration Device. Another sealed oil PoS unit designed by ourselves to show how efficient Castrol filters and oil are. This threw up numerous challenges for such a simple looking item. Both ends are again filled with Castrol oil, which under no circumstances could leak oil, in use or in transit. When you consider these items have been shipped by aeroplane and the pressure difference on the items that entails, and are in use in temperatures from -5 to +40, we had to undertake numerous destructive testing on pre-production items including vibration tests, drop tests, hot and cold cycle tests ( -10 to +50 ) and strength/strain tests to prove the longevity of these units. Once they were complete and had been passed, again all manufacture and project management was undertaken by ourselves, these items also being shipped all over the world.

This item could also be combined with or without a second PoS Castrol item when being used, the Castrol U/V Rig

Castrol Filtration end 2

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