Castrol U/V Rig

The showcase item in this Castrol advertising range was an electronically driven ultra-violet oil display. At a press of a button, miniature U/V LED’s lit up the sealed oil vials showing how that particular Castrol oil was dyed with a U/V additive to show how clean it stayed in use. It used 3 main chassis die-cast parts, with Injection moulded plastic base. Vials were also injection moulded, filled with oil, sealed and installed in the chassis. On the press of a button, the U/V lights gradually lit up and faded down on a 10 second timer. All electronics were designed up ourselves. This item could also be used with or without a second PoS Castrol item, the Castrol Filtration Device.

Castrol UV Rig Castrol UV Rig unlit Castrol UV Rig lit

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